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First Impressions Count…Even with Recruiters!

By August 23, 2014January 12th, 2018Blog

Experienced recruiters working for search firms evaluate individual talent from the very first phone call or email correspondence received from a job seeker and/or potential candidate. It’s likely, if they’re like me, they’re assessing talent as critically as an employer would. Consider your first impression with the recruiter as being no less important than the impression you’re planning to create with the employer. Remember, recruiters are partnered with and working on behalf of their clients to fill vacant job functions, and they’re not going to risk their reputations by representing low hanging fruit. To my point, below is a courtesy email reply to someone who would not have received a second glance from an employer or any experienced recruiter as a result of his lack of thought that went into crafting the initial email correspondence:


I might be your first point of contact to my clients and companies looking to hire. That said, providing me with the confidence that you’re a polished professional must first be established. I’m not sure you’re going to accomplish this while requesting my assistance with a one-sentence email containing typos and nothing compelling in writing to offer me or my clients.

I encourage you to rethink your approach. Certainly, you can call me regarding your resume and we’ll begin there.


John Daskas
Vice President
856-832-4550 office
610-420-1191 mobile
973-939-8495 efax

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