Our Leadership

John Daskas – President

As founder and President of PlacementCorp LLC, John Daskas has laid the framework for a company culture that promotes professional growth for his team, as well as being integral in the growth of companies through executive search with whom PlacementCorp conducts its business.  John Daskas’ approach is one with a firm belief that “we all have an opportunity to learn from each other and benefit.”  John Daskas also speaks from his own experiences in the workforce when it comes to professional growth through exemplary performance, the career changes that will often follow, leading one to make a career move.

John Daskas’ scope of experience comes from a rich career of wearing many hats, including having once been an on-air talent for CBS Radio.  “It’s from the most challenging situations that we often find our greatest rewards.”  This is practically a mantra for the work his team does and a reminder to his client partners that, “If things were so easily achieved then you wouldn’t need us to help you.”  John has written articles on resume writing, and the benefits of working with an executive recruiter.  He has also been a guest speaker for college graduates entering the job market.  “Wherever you can give your expertise to benefit others…give it.  I’m never surprised at how simple the act of giving one’s time to help others has a way of giving right back.”