What is 4 + 1 ?

    Your Resume;
    Your Resume Marketing Tool

    Your resume is your personal “white paper.”  The way it frames your chronological work history will determine whether you’ll be selected for a first-round interview.  As an executive, you understand that first impressions are everything.  In the highly competitive realm of executive search, a first impression means that the hiring authority, executive recruiter, or even the applicant tracking system (ATS), views your resume in the manner you deserve…and in a matter of seconds, deciding to contact you or not.

    Our resume & C.V. writing service has successfully framed the professional chronology of our executive clientele.

    “Hi, John,

    Thank you again for your communication with me, and for your suggestions for resume improvement.  Following our work, I completed a full resume change via your recommended consultant.  I now have a leadership resume.

    I have resubmitted the resume to the active searches that I am involved in.  I received an interview for one search that had previously been dormant.  I have no doubt that I was helped tremendously by your formatting changes and focus on results/accomplishments.

    Thanks again.  I really appreciate the support, and look forward to continuing to work together.”

    Joanne Z., Ed. D