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Luring a recruiter on LinkedIn…

By January 7, 2013January 12th, 2018Blog

As an executive recruiter, I receive daily LinkedIn messages and inquiries from active job seekers that often read something like, “I’m on the market now”…”I’m actively seeking a new position.”, “I was just laid-off”…

Unfortunately, there’s little reason for a call-to-action from a recruiter to assist a candidate when all that’s been stated in the message is the job seeker’s current circumstances, and written with ambiguity…often with no resume attachment if/when the recruiter digs into the job seeker’s profile.

A sure-fire way to increase your chances of getting a recruiter’s attention is to provide a snapshot of your skills and measurable results. For example, “I’m currently the Operations Manager at XYZ and have been acknowledged for overachieving revenue goals by 40% over the last three quarters. I would appreciate your time in reviewing my skills and accolades which I’m confident your clients will value.”
There’s an obvious difference between the above example and “I’m currently seeking a new position.” (a what can you do for me approach). Make the recruiter want to reach out to you…because he/she is assessing you from your initial introduction…no differently than what you would do if you were in a position to review and hire talent.

John Daskas

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