Scalable placement options:

PlacementCorp accommodates client demands without compromising quality. We understand that every organization considers various factors when augmenting human capital.  Our main goal is to deliver your exact hire, on time and within your budget.  We provide you with flexible solutions to accommodate each unique search assignment.

Retained Executive Search

Delivering high-level executive leadership, those “athletes” completing the Org. chart requires being as much like a sports agent as it does being a skilled executive recruiter. Just like professional athletes, high-level executives rely on smart, knowledgeable, agents & consultants who understand their capabilities, motives, and character at a personal level, and who can articulate their value, negotiate their salary, and place them on an awaiting team. Our retained search solutions will ensure a strategy that delivers your next executive leader “athlete.”

Contingency Search

You might need to fill one position or multiple positions across departments. The contingency search option will allow your talent acquisition budget some latitude. Invoicing will occur after a candidate is hired. Contingency searches are backed by a 90-day replacement guarantee with terms & conditions outlined in our agreement.

Consulting, Contract and Per Diem

At times, your business may require knowledge outside the scope of your current bandwidth. If it’s a temporary project, we can provide individualized expertise or an entire specialized team.