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You Want To Submit THAT Resume?!

By September 27, 2017January 12th, 2018Blog

The email thread below is correspondence between me and an Executive Level candidate regarding a high profile position. The discussion begins with the executive’s second reply to my recommendations on what his resume should include to compete in the candidate selection process….I use the “athlete” reference from time to time since we’re all individuals playing on teams…with “goals” towards winning.

From: Roger
Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2013 1:05 PM
Subject: RE: VP, Marketing


Here’s another resume draft.

I tried to incorporate the ‘outcomes’ into the core activities list. It meant juggling the lists and deleting some elements, but I think that this is now broadly representative of the results that I can point to while still giving an idea of what I was responsible for. I have to confess that this has been a harder exercise than I anticipated. I wasn’t really planning on re-writing my resume when I first dropped you a line. But, it’s been worthwhile. I probably need to spend more time ‘polishing’ this document, but it has forced me to think with more clarity of what (exactly) I have contributed to overall business performance.

I am a little surprised that you’ve bothered to push me to do this. I would have expected a recruiter to just reject at the first assessment if I didn’t have the documentation that you are looking for.

Best wishes,




You’ve worked for large companies, and they didn’t keep you around because they liked the way you dressed…so you must have been doing something right. I try to get a candidate to look at themselves as athletes. When a sports announcer does a radio/TV broadcast on an athlete, he’s not telling the fans what the player’s detailed job is on the team…but rather how the athlete has contributed to the team by scoring points and winning games…numbers & statistics! Imagine the boredum if that same announcer just told viewers/listeners the role of each player on a team…and told them what they already know, for instance, “the player swung the bat!” We’d say, “Yeah, no kidding!!”…and then be inclined to change the channel, right? (That’s what many recruiters are inclined to do, change the channel, when a resume looks more like a four-page job description rather than a chronological resume/C.V. with job titles, short company description (publicly traded or private) and MOST importantly, a candidate’s acheivements as related to each job position held).

Hope this paints the picture…nice work on the revisions by the way.

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